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A equipe de administração é composta por Lisa Canada (eu!), Frank Canada e Márcio Fidalgo, juntamente com nossa equipe talentosa e profissional que dobrou de tamanho.


Márcio is our business manager and works closely with the real estate, property management and remodel teams. He has a 20+ background in hospitality and knows how to deliver in a demanding environment. Marcio has an extensive background in heating and cooling systems, electricity and over general knowledge of electronics. He is also an excellent decorator and works side by side with many of our interior design partners. Marcio coordinates and schedules our jobs and assists with the day to day running of the two companies. We definitely keep him busy!


Frank Canada is a partner and brings many years of construction knowledge to the business. He has always been self-employed and has owned various businesses in the USA and Portugal. Frank leads the team in construction and remodels, his time is usually spent overseeing the job site and ensuring we stay on schedule.


Lisa Canada is a partner and brings 25+ years of hospitality sales experience to the table, along with 30+ years of experience living and working in Portugal. Lisa has held many sales positions with companies such as Walt Disney Resorts and Parks, Peabody Hotels and Wyndham just to name a few. Lisa knows how to deliver customer service and ensures her clients are well looked after and presented with properties that make sense.

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